American Bystander

a feature film by Denver Film Company

Coming Soon

Living on the streets of Denver, after the loss of his wife in a theater shooting, Hopper has a fateful run in with a grifter named Ella. New to the streets, Ella learns to survive. Together they fight a corrupt policeman and Hopper’s resurfacing demons, as his wife’s killer goes to trial.

Pushing Cadence  

Directed by Thomas Kolicko, A Traverse Image Production

Post Production by Denver Film Company

Pushing Cadence, a short documentary film, that tells the behind the scenes story of 1400 Miles. A Bike Ride from Austin to Denver to start the conversation between stubborn men about getting checked for prostate cancer. 

Now Playing

is a live concert television program that interweaves intriguing interviews and creative culture into a portrait of the city where they've travelled.

This is the trailer for the Now Playing episodes that take place in Denver.

A Denver Film Company production

Season 2 can be seen on CPT12 Saturday Nights at 10pm.  Colorado Public Television Channel 12.

This is the first episode of Now Playing Season 2 featuring the band Covenhoven

Now Playing airing on CPTV12

filmed, produced, directed, and edited by Denver Film Company

The Handmaiden

Directed by Diego Rodriguez

Director of Photography, Editing by Denver Film Company

Now Playing BSB airing on CPTV12 - Sawmill Joe

filmed, produced, directed, and edited by Denver Film Company

Crafting a Nation

Directed By Thomas Kolicko

Composition, Sound and editing by Denver Film Company


The Locals 

produced by AEC Studios -

All post production by Denver Film Company

Lost Soul

directed, filmed, produced, and edited by Denver Film Company

The Battle of Darla Ryder

Directed by Heather Jaxx

Produced, filmed, and edited by Denver Film Company

Ridin' Horses airing on HRTV

 filmed, directed, and edited by Denver Film Company

Building Black Shirt Brewery

produced, filmed, directed, and edited by Denver Film Company