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American Bystander



feature DOC

A Tom Kolicko Production!

Sound Design, Music, and Trailer by DFC

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Behind the music

Comedy TV

Produced by AEC Studios

All Post Production by DFC

SHort Doc

A Tom Kolicko Production!

All Post Production by DFC


Cuisine TV

Street Level

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What do you do better than every one else? What makes you or your company unique and special?
What are we trying to create for a wider audience to see? What would you like the audience to better understand?
What would you like your audience to do next? (Examples: feel moved, learn more, have a great conversation, sign up, share, buy, subscribe…)
What idea’s do you have for your video?
Who and where is your target audience?
Production budgets vary widely depending on the concept of the video. We don't want to waste your time or ours by developing ideas that are beyond your budget. Setting a maximum budget prevents this from happening.
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