The crew

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Andra dohrn - PRoducer

Andra is a Colorado native who is passionate about capturing unique and beautiful moments through a lens. She is a creative and energetic videographer, editor, and producer.

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Jason Coates - Project Manager

Jason Coates is a founding member of Collective Culture where he honed his craft of video production. Using these skills, Jason makes sure that our client's vision comes to life.

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Jeremy Pape - Director of Photography

Jeremy, founder of Collective Culture, is an award-winning wizard behind the lens and a madman in the edit bay. Don't let his laid back approach fool you.  No one gets more work done than this man!

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Gabriel Dohrn - Director

Gabriel absconded with his aunt and uncle's video camera at the age of 9 and began creating comedy/horror films and music videos. Gabriel began Denver Film Company in 2005, with the intention of having a positive impact on the world through cinema.

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Allyson Metzger - Editor

Allyson was born and raised in Colorado.  Her love for video production was discovered during high school which preceded her bachelors of fine arts in film degree at CU Boulder.  From exploring a range of narrative, documentary, and avant-garde films, Allyson has developed a unique touch to filmmaking.

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Devin Sena - Photographer

Devin Sena is a long-time Denver Film Company partner. Using his education and background in photography, he has become one of DFC’s greatest assets behind the lens.